The Largest and Best Stairlift Installers in London

In the market for a stairlift in London? We are partners of Acorn Stairlifts, who have over 20 years' experience and an award-winning product. Our team is ready to help you get the perfect stairlift for your needs today. Rest assured that our team in London can assist whether you're looking for straight or curved stairlifts.

  • Stairlifts quickly and easily fit to the stairs, not the wall
  • A home survey takes just 1 hour
  • All of our best stairlifts independently tested and certified to comply with the newest worldwide safety standard for stairlifts
  • No structural changes needed to your home
  • Slimline design, and with the ability to fold away when not in use

Frequently asked questions.

"All Acorn Stairlifts in London have been designed to ease difficulty with many disabilities. Be sure to contact us to talk through your circumstances and the stairlift options available to you."

"The Acorn 130 Straight stairlifts have a maximum user weight of 127kg. The Acorn 180 Curved stairlifts have a maximum user weight of 120kg. However, there are customizations that could be done to cater to different user weights, so be sure to contact us to discuss this."

"Staircases in London come in many varied sizes and shapes, with 'fans' of steps at the top or bottom, sub-landings, etc. It's often possible to fit a transfer platform, construct 'infill boxes' or use two straight stairlifts. Any one of these options could be cheaper than a curved stairlift, and your experienced Acorn Surveyor will be able to advise you with our stairlift solutions."

"If your Acorn Stairlift has been manufactured to the exact dimensions of your London home, it can take less than an hour! A curved stairlift may take longer to install, but any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. Before an Acorn Installer leaves your home, they will make sure that the stairlift is tested thoroughly and demonstrate all the features - making sure you are perfectly happy and know how to use it. Of course, they’ll leave everything as clean and tidy as you had it before."

"The stairlift prices in London depends on a number of different things. Stairlifts from Acorn Stairlifts are not just custom-made for your staircase. The price is affected by many different aspects, which Acorn Stairlifts' trained surveyors assess before leaving you with an accurate written quotation. This includes your own personal requirements, grants and assistance, the design of your staircase, and what elements surround your staircase. For your quote, arrange a no-obligation free survey today."

"Your Acorn Stairlift comes with a fully comprehensive 12-month stairlift warranty. If any component should fail due to faulty manufacture during the first year of ownership, Acorn will send round one of their fully trained service technicians to get your stairlift back to full working order free of charge. After that, they have several different cover plans available to suit a range of budgets. Remember that an Acorn stairlift is a very, very reliable piece of equipment. Acorn stairlifts are manufactured to the world's highest standards and exceed the requirements of most, ensuring safety, reliability and engineering excellence. Why not contact us and ask about Acorn Stairlifts' extended warranty cover plans?"

"The Acorn Stairlift is fitted to your staircase, not the wall, so there's a minimum of disruption to your London home, and no unsightly repairs to be made. Acorn Stairlifts' expert installers will install, test and demonstrate your stairlift, and leave your home just as tidy as they found it."

"An Acorn Stairlift is battery powered and will continue to work even if you have a power cut at your London home. Acorn pioneered the use of DC (battery) power in stairlifts. When the Acorn 130 stairlift was designed, it was chosen due to the inherent advantages of safety and the ability to operate normally during a power failure. All of Acorn's stairlift competitors have followed this lead and now offer a battery powered product. Such are the advantages of this technology!"

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